Monday, January 23, 2012

Alhamdulilah on your blessings=)

its been a long time..since my last post..
as usual sometimes when i want to update my post,there will be something out of nowhere appeared then stopping me from updating this the way,it is just another excuses not to update this post.
what to write here..since there were lots of story to write here,will just update some of it.hehe..
Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah praised to Allah.
The blessings that He gave me,it is uncountable.
Thank you Allah for the blessings that You bestowed upon me..
Allah guide and show me to the right path,the path of those to whom You have granted blessings,those who are neither subject to Your anger nor have gone astray.(1:6-7)

within 3 months,we will be fighting over a degree scroll,which included our final year project,presentation and thesis..but whatever you are going through right now,wishing you all the best..aha,including me.
ive just finished my experiments,collecting and summarize the data that will be used in my presentation and writing the thesis.though,I admit they weren't easy ,but in many ways they reminded me being busy and walking through all the hardships, I've always said this to my sis,this is what we called a students life=)

enough on that,because I didn't start working on my thesis yet.waiting for my lecturer to give guidance note tomorrow.

on Saturday,my schools friends came all the way from Malaysia..I was so glad they i can met and have enjoyed chitchatting with them=)weve met at Hiroshima.
haha.they brought me KFC chicken for me plus plus plus gardenia butterscotch..
and I rode sakura bullet train on my back to Okayama..
And being worried at first either I was still able to catch the last bus to my home from Okayama Station,Alhamdulilah..I managed to catch the last bus which lasted on 10 pm..whoaaa!!I told you,I was so relieved,if not,I have to walk all the way back home for about 30-45 minutes I guess.
back home with best memories ever remained in my heart..KNIGHTS 0206.
End story here=)

Actually today I've just staying at home, that's why I got time to write my thoughts here:):)
yesterday,i did room cleaning.
just my thought,if I got my own house,I would like to decorate it with a stunning and beautiful designs of lighting.because lighting also plays a role to capture the theme that we want to show.*mode berangan*
I am planning on baking bread pudding today.But,but,but, we will see..hehehehe..

see you next time!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

gelagat kanak2 us sempena halloween

dad ure ugly!
you sneaky mom!

sgt klaka la budak2 ni..

Friday, October 28, 2011

saya suka hari khamis:)

oh oh oh berhabuk nye blog ni haaa...jom la mengarang jap dalam mase yg singkat ni.
Hari ke lab adalah hari selasa,rabu.khamis sahaja.tapi hari2 lain kadang2 ade jugak..bnyk2 hari saya suka hari khamis.:)sebab khamis jam 11 pagi di bangunan 27,saya akan assist sensei untuk experiment tahun 1.itu sangat menarik dan saya sangat suka.biase lah budak tahun 1 kan sume comel2.jadi bile rase geram dgn dyorg xdpt nk marah.bile dyorng tnye pun,muke senyum2 je.waaahh budak2 ni...ade satu minggu tu,saya rase penat sangat.lepastu esok nye (khamis) kne pegi assist sensei time experiment.sebelum berexperiment bersama mereka,saya perlu membuat persiapan untuk experiment yang bakal dijalankan keesokan harinya.hari khamis tiba.Biaselah,ape yg saya perasan dgn satu group yg saya conduct ni,dyorng macam malas nk baca nota2 sensei bagi sebelum buat experiment programming.kalau x baca mane paham kan??mane bleh buat kna?sigh~~dyorng just mengharapkan kite cakap what to do next..lepastu bile dyorg buat,programming fail and x dapat nk connect dengan DSP(digital signal processing).jadi jadi jadi,saya pun buat la semula dekat computer dyorg dari awal sampai habis.alamak,sy pun fail..huhu.sebab geram sangat,jadi saya termengeluh depan budak2 tahun 1.xpasal2 dyorng cakap "sumimasendeshita" bnyk2 pasal dyorg la..pasal saya buat pun fail sure la geram..tapi alhamdulilah sensei cakap sambung next lepas dyorng balik,saya stay kt lab tu and buat semula programming tu:)alhamdulilah da tau ape masalah dyorng sbenanye:)next week nye plak,dyorng da dapat final project programming n kne siapkan dlm masa 2 minggu.saya pun dapat project tu and kene siapkan dalam masa 2 minggu.:):)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Story

I love this song very much.but dont really like Taylor Swift's voice because her voice seems "sangat bingit" to me..okee,nyte all:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

we rely on Allah 100%

salam semua:)
now,as a final year student like me,we are in the state either want to continue our study into higher level or after graduated we just work at any companies that we do I.just feel a lil bit confusing,because bottom of my heart i really want to continue my studies,but thinking of  financial source i should think more about my future.scholarship isnt the problem at all,but we ourselves should find will not come and knock to your door and said "hye,i bla bla would like to spnosor you in master studies bla bla" and if you are waiting for this kind of invitation its just happen in your dream and should punch yourself!lol~ok come on get up,should put much more efforts to search for a scholarship.fighting!
****last Sunday,i went for interview in one of a JapaneseCompany.first we had some seminar thn we have been interviewed by their 2 from Malaysia and the other one from,Alhamdulilah they were very good and friendly i thought,because when i entered that room,they smiled,i felt like my nervous that conquered myself all the way since early in the morning has gone away.they asked me both in English and Japanese.anyway it was a good experienced for me:)and the funniest part was when the Malaysian asked me"so,you applied for R&D,so which areas that you would like to choose"?she said that R&D i that company,it divided into 5 groups,1)avc,2)devices,3)cant remember,4)also cant remember5)homeappliances..hooyeah when she said the final one,I smiled..She guessed that I was interested with the final one.hahaha.I laughed and covered my mouth with my hand.See,whoaa,never have been acted like this when I was being interviewed..still waiting for the result whether I was accepted into next interviewed.still waiting.iA we rely on Allah to Him we asked,and He gave us what is the best for us. we have never seen the goods that He gave us instead we just complaint all the way if it doesnt satisfied us.dont be like that(noted for myself too).
****thats all for today.Ive got report to be done,but till today even a single word hasnt been started yet..hahahah..tata:)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

i want to hold your hand:(

 i like this song very much:):)

there are some parts of this lyric that i would love to share with u:)

You'll let me hold your hand 
Now let me hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 

And when I touch you i feel happy, inside 
It's such a feeling 
That my love 
I can't hide 
I can't hide 
I can't hide 

Yeah you, got that something 
I think you'll understand 
When I say that something 
I wanna hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 

Monday, June 27, 2011