Friday, October 30, 2009

makan tyme!!!yeay!

today,since miyahara sensei's class,i really cant wait to go out with my junior..i was really excited that at last i can eat kenny rogers again.i've waited for quite a long one seems like to have meal there.i found someone,who also wanna to hv meal there was huda.thank god i found u..we went to eki by nadia's car accompanied by nabila..thn, we went to subng parade..thats totally awesome..yes!here i come to u, are some pic that we have taken around subng parade..hehe..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

have a manner pliss!

argh..xske org jiman2 ni..xyah nk berlagak pliss.rimas..plis la have a manner sket..bile ckp we got to think bout others feeling too..dont juz think bout urself je..let me give example dat had happened to me for several times..when we talked bout subject dat we have learned,as usual we always got ensyu mondai a.k.a task to do..sumtymes others can do it..n she did..i told her dat lecturer was teaching us using his own method..lecturer's method was really easy to be understood..n yet she said,i got my own method to solve the problem.n i malas nk paham cara sensei buat...but she said in the boast mood..cmon man..dont be so proud with yourself sgt..sumtymes Allah can tarik balek what had been given to you..when you talked like dat,it shows ur true behaviour..really dont lyke it..i got more examples here to be talked bout..but need to continue with my work..ive released what i've kept for such a long tyme..

Friday, October 23, 2009


now da 12.25 x ngntuk grab the chance to update my blog ni..hurm..roomie da tdo..adeyh..xpenah2 tdo awal from ak,tetibe snce 2 days yg lepas tdo awal ..pelik2..2day is as usual after all sorts of solat2 n ceramah, got mkn2 free kat bilik bwh apartment for tonyte are sate,lemang,rendang..adeyh..bukannye nk xsuke la sate.xtau npe..mase tyme queue nk amek food,in front of me was baqiah..i guess she wanted more of sate..n suddenly de kakak yg jge,"adek,sate sorng 5 cucuk je",adeyh mkn pun nk kne control bpe kite leh mkn..close case~pastu ak amek je 5 cucuk tp mkn 2 cucuk je..yg lebih kasik kat qiah n hanis.hehhe.sury ye hanis.hehehe.but food that i like most is LEMANG..xtau npe memng suke sgt2 mkn lemng.bile kite mkn terase nikmat mknn tu..ceh,pe merepek ni..hahha..pasni nk continue wat kadai report..yosh!

Monday, October 12, 2009

update blog yg da lame outdated

kepade cik nabila,sye dengan banggenye da update blog ini..hehehe...actually skrg ni still homesick..huhuhu.rse cam nk stay umh lg..wawa..xnk blek sini..balek2 jek trus g kem btn.hilang la sket homesick tu..sebab kat sne agak sibuk bermacam2 hujah untuk dilontarkan tyme ldk tu.adeyh..pastu bile btn da abis homesick nye feeling tu datng blek..huhuhu..xtahan la..nk blek umh rse.xpe lelame hilang la tu rse homsick2 ni...sok da nk stat sem here..gambtte sume...last but not least x dilupe kn kepade rakan sye siti zulaikha wishing u heppy bufrdy..ak xtau nk kasik pe kat ko..kite nk jmpe pun susah..nanti akan ku fikirkan.hhehehe..