Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hankou o wasureta

mata ka?hankou wo wasureta?hurmm..again..i forgot to bring my hankou along to u today..we have to registered and confirmed the subject  that weve decided to study by using hankou..so tomorrow got to go to u settle this thing..currently im doing nothing here as my first class will be the intro for each subject that we've taken..as usual,as intro we will not given any homework by sensei...i just watch the movies and dramas..nothing to do..hehehe..till then..ill write more...
with luv:............

Sunday, September 26, 2010

howdy doo!!

hurmm..its been a while since Ive not updated anything here..:)feeling like to give up in order to continue this blog..hehehe...
16/8-18/9>>go back to malaysia..from narita to kl..reached at klia bout 6.45 pm.hv to wait with my friend ain to break our fast since it was ramadhan month...we chitchatting n bout 8.30pm i got to check in to penang..at 9.15 i took my flight from klia to penang airport...at home, i was helping out mama to do biskut raya..n tidy up each corner  of my house..hehehe...thn hv some shopping..bought new handbag,clothes n sorts...waiting for my siblings to back home from their school and college..i love when my siblings were here,home..at night we will shared our stories regarding our own life at new different places n people..so there,a lot to be told..what an awesome,coz u can gathered with your siblings n shared stories...on the first syawal we celebrated raya together..2nd syawal we went back to kampung..stayed overnight there for 2days 1 night..then,we came back home..we were preparing our holiday to Fraser hill..wow..i told u.. Fraser hill was the best place to be visited..but i cant stand with its road..it was because to build a road at hill,u hv to follow its spring shape of the hill..when i went up and down from fraser hill i felt dizzy and vomit out everything in my stomach..wheww..on the 18  we went to klia hotel..and stayed there..and my family sent me at 9.00 pm at klia..thn i checked in n waiting for my flight to kansai airport..what a sad moment:(((
20/9>> we planned to go to university to register our subjects that we want to take for this semester..but thn..that day was a holiday..
21/9>>we went to u again,,and this time we have to meet our tutor or lecturer in charge of us,nishimura sensei to guide us in registration the subjects..unfortunately,he wasn't there.so,we decided to meet the people work at the engineering faculty office..she helped us..but still tomorrow we hv to meet nishimura sensei again..
22/9>>alhamdulillah.. we've finally met him..and we registered 5 subjects for this sem..
finally ,the class has begin for final sem of my 3rd year..i always pray to Allah that everything will be fine..i do hope that i will be able to overcome any probs during studying for this final sem...ill write more next time..
with luv..