Sunday, August 23, 2009


i am so hima skrg..haha..adeyh..actually got lot of works to do..hehe...this is my wonderful friend.nabila..was borned on 4th of january..start knal makcik ni mase matrix.tyme tu dpt serumah.da la xknal pun.kt krm rsenye xpnah plak ckp.tetibe dtg sini kn stay sekali..housmate tyme tu maisarah,elin,ngn hanisa.ntah cm ne bleh jd rapat goes the sequence..
this pic time matrix.looked gorgeous(perasan mode).hhaha..

its raya time last year..jamuan at mph,unisel..
mase u1..ehe..looked more matured kot..ehe~.
nabila slalu mengahabiskn my food..huhu.sian ko bila..ko ckp mase kt skolah ko kurus..btul ke??bile dtg sini ko jd besar sebab ade ak ke??xpe2 bila.skrg kite mkn je pe kite nk.pnah la beberape hari kite share je mkann..sebb ak nye pasal la kn. dont have any drpd membazir baek share je ngn bila.ko ok jek..xbesar pun..hehe..ur perangai?? bdak2 pun ade.klaka pun ade.kuat sgt knekan org..xpe2..ak suke knekan org gak..hahaha..mase berbelnja x kisah pun.kdg2 teroverused duit bila..hehe..sury ye klu if ade owed you..huhu..klu dri segi study..bila cepat hafal..quick learner..hehe..masak??pandai masak.untung org kat blok A tu..haha..memng rajin..hehe.rajin wat kje..kuat jugak berjalan xkisah la shopping ke x.ckp je xnk beli pape last skali sure terbawak blek sumthing kn bila?.hehe..ok la..nothing much to say..
p/s:xjmpe gambar u2 sebab tu x letak..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

a whole new world

i can show you the world
shining shimmering splendid
tell me, princess,now when did you last let your heart decide?
i can open your eyes
take you wonder by wonder
over,sideways and under
on a magic carpet ride
a whole new world
a new fantastic point of view
no one to tell us no or where to go
or say we're only dreaming
a whole new world
a dazzling place i never knew
but now when I'm way up here
its a crystal clear
that now I'm in,
a whole new world with you
now I'm in a whole new world with you
unbelievable sights
indescribable feeling
soaring tumbling freewheeling
through an endless diamond sky
a whole new world
don't you dare close your eyes
a hundred thousand things to see
hold your breath it gets better
I'm like a shooting star
I've come so far
i cant go back to where i used to be
a whole new world
every turn a surprise
with new horizons to pursue
every moment red letter
ill chase them anywhere
there's time to spare
let me share this
a whole new world with you
a whole new world
that's where we'll be
a thrilling chase
a wondrous place
for you and me

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ticket going home~

aha~nk blek...snce skool kat srmban,memng da biase nk public,i tell u,it was really challenging for me..why??ehe~klu tyme skolh dulu,slalu blek nek train frm kl sntral..from sermbn we have to take komuter..bile school holz,punye la ramai nk blek..other schools pun sardin.pastu kne angkat beg2 yg sgt berat..dlm beg tu berisi buku..kononye blek nk stdy..pergh..xde nye tu la kenangn paling best kt skolah dlu ade travel leader,senang je.nk blek kasi jek nme kat dye.duit pon x yah bayr..hehe..but now da laen..i got to buy tickets,n sumtyme got to manage tyme by myself,for ex:if my flight at noon,so i have to plan my journey early,when should i go to comuter station,n what tyme mush i arrived at the more thing here,u hve to do online banking ..huhu.should be was quite troublesome..but,it is really interesting..but if i take the bus back home,got to think bout can i get the taxi easily..n how much do i hve to pay to taxi driver..all those things will make u think mature,n make the decision quickly..haha..actually,i really hope my parents come n fetch me on hari raya holz..hehe..mak abah,malas nk beli ticket blek ni..waiting for both of u to fetch me here...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

masjid SultanSalahuddinAbdulAzizShah

this pic has been taken last nyte on 8th of August..left pic taken by timah,my kohai..n the right one was taken by myslf..ehe~agak x elok sket.amek dlm bus..but memng really interested in this mosque nye senibina..sgt menarik n sgt lawa..especially the kubah n menara dye..cantik sgt..aha..lots on sidetracks plak.ehe~what im gonna write here is about the ceramah that we have attended at that night..which is given by Prof Dr Harun Din,and Prof Dr Rubiah(i dont know either my spelling is right or not)..tajuk dye at that night wat melahirkan generasi beriman dan bertakwa..talking bout generas,what is it in your head??ehe~"generasi are us,org muda2",kate Prof Dr Harun Din..dalam nk melahirkn generasi yg beriman pada Allah semuanye bermule dari didikan ibu bapa..pesan Rasulullah ibu bapa adalh guru pertama bg anak adalah ibu bapa.kenapa kite kne beriman pada Allah???sebab manusia sentiasa berhadapan dgn masalh..jika kita beriman pada Allah,Allah x akn biar kite terkapai2 sorng diri..Allah akn membantu kite dlm menyelesaikan masalh tu.if u want to know more bout ganjaran Allah pd org beriman bukak Alquran surah At-Talaq..peranan ibu bapa sgt future ibu bapa,kite nk ajar anak kite jgn la based on mental,emotion je,spiritual also plays important role in our life as we heve been created by Allah ,our god..

ehe~menyibuk sket gmbr kitorng...

Saturday, August 8, 2009


nothing much to write here.but here i'll write what i felt ryte now..down sgt ryte now..ive been here in jad for the last 3 years..the most painful tyme when i got the result.everytyme i got the result,i really malu to share my result with m friends.when i asked them to see their result,i can see they were really happy.its only me left,with bad result here.really felt malu to befriend with them..since, i was in school,everytyme i got unsatisfied result,i was really malu to befriend with others.i'll try to jauhkn diri.i'll not joined the the study group.malu sgt because i realized i cant contribute nothing to them in studies.but they really understanding best friend in school sizukk,always give me strength to study hard,and always be myside.she will not let me rse so down with myslf.i wish i could have friends like her.sizukk where r u when i really2 need you support?i really need your support even we are not stdying the same course cam kat skool dlu..i know i'll never get good result in jad..mybe because of the bad things that ive done before in school before im getting in this not going to salahkn takdir or whatsoever.but seriuosly said we got to blessed by Allah in whatever we do..i do harapkan keredaan Allah stdudying here in jad..i realized what ive done before was totally wrong..i knew it.but at that tyme i was really eager to do it..Ya Allah,ampuni la dosa2 ku ni..ak sedar akan kesalahn ku yg lalu.Kau redailah hidup ku ini..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


actually nothing much to write ' im not a type of person yg rajin menulis..waaa..blur last,got a topic to share..lyfe at jad so hectic.
tp nk wat cam ne,kite berurusan ngn jepun,memng xde la tyme nk relax2..tyme skolah g,memng bercite2 nk jd doctor.ade gak apply medic under jpa..memng x terpk lgsg tyme apply scholar,kitorng isi je la borng jad ni da cikgu kasi pelung kn..be4 result spm kuar,i got called by ypm for intnsive course kat klang..blaja bhase gak la..lyfe memng free je kat xde kje je.hehe..tup2..result for medic jpa da kuar,alhamdulillah,i got listed to go to the hospital,untuk mengenali keje2 doctor kat sne.memng best la..pastu second stage plak,dyorng shortlisted kan nme untuk interview plak,i got the chance..tyme tu kite da masuk ayah ckp klu nk kuar jad amek medic bleh i've already got the green,i attended the interview course,n ade sket personality test yg kne wat..i wuz so nervous to hear the ayah checked my name,he told,i didnt get the chance to pursue my stdy in medical field..mase tu memng sedih sgt..i cried..tyme tu i cried depan ana.huhu..she pampered me for a while.memng x dpt nk terime la mule2..but i pujuk myself,mybe ade hikmah Allah nk tunjuk..mase tu ade kawan yg advised myself,said that there's a reason why i cant get there,n jgn down lebih2 mybe Allah want to show me sumthing here in jad,n Allah is fair to all His hamba2 nye,n the last thing was,mybe jad is the best for myself..up untill now,i kept this adviced in my head..thank you to that person..alhamdulillah la dpt gak survive,even my result x segempak org len sepnjang 3 taun kat sini,i'll try my best here..x lupe gak kpd rakan2 yg len yg slalu give me endless support.bila,anis,jee,syikin,dyno n others..tq korng..