Thursday, April 29, 2010

selamat hari jadi kepada husyira al-husna,nurul ashikin dan nurul hanis azhan

dear journal,
kepada husyira al-husna,nurul ashikin dan nurul hanis azhan,heppy brfday my dear friends.hope allah will blessed u in whatever you do,and also here in and here after.
1>nurul ashikin

2>husyira al-husna

3>nurul hanis
luv,sohair kausar

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

reminiscing the moment

dear journal,
i havent wrote anything ryte for a so looooong tyme..but still i dont know what to write here..i go so much to tell u,but still my laziness keep conquered me for such ages.hua3..what am i talking i come.with all this strength i will write a little bit about what had happened in the past..
1>having final semester in jad.Alhamdulilah i graduated as diploma student.i was so happy at that tyme.and didnt believed that i had already got my diploma..on graduate day, thanks mama..i got a beautiful bouquet from it.
2>back home to perak.since i hve bought all my stuffs,i started packing my that time my sadness to leave family to pursue my study abroad didnt come yet.instead happiness keep coming around myself.i also met my relatives and my neighbours.seeking for forgiveness on what have i done to them.
3>booking father asked my to book the hotel by myslf..guess what??i cant speak english very well..what a shame.huhu..since i started studying at jad english was no more in used..i gave back the phone to my father and finally he did all..
4>on the way to concord sepang.there,i my sadness had come..soooooo sad..on the next day,we went to the airport,i saw my friends come to sent myself and friends off.thanks sizukk for coming all the way from kl.hehehe..fisrt we have to weight out luggage..guess whatt?my luggage=over weight.what should i father just put away the unnecessary thing in my hand luggage.hehehe.quite heavy.then,we got to assembled at one place.our sponsorship gave a short briefing.after that,we were given 15 mnutes to meet our relatives and friends.what a short time.heh.i started crying when i hugged all my family saddd.cant expressed thru word how sad i was at that parents gave me a lot of advices.
5>still crying on the plane.about 6 hours our palne landed safely at narita airport.then we went to hachioji seminar house by cold outside..huhhuhu..there,we had such a wonderful time with our friends..after all we didnt if we can meet each other again.we were separated at 15 universities here.most of them are in tokyo.we had such a great time being together.we hanged out together.nabila syikin hanis i missed u guys so much.and i missed my girlfriends too..there we went to akihabara a.k.a akiba,minami osawa lots of outlet store,n much more.heheheh..
6>after a week here,yamaguchi,okayama,ritsumeikan and kinki people got to go out first from the hachoji seminar house.sad moment came again.soooo sad..i cried like.i didnt know how to expessed here.we hugged each other.from there we went to shinkasen station by train.from there we took the shinkansen to go to our own shinkansen i cried again .this time because i cant meet my sweet friends again.//no more laughter//no more shasha//no more staying up together to finish up our//happyou//report and//shukudai.>>no more papa wada a.k.a wada sensei .i love to do the 7 segment wast so interesting,thou,it was quite mendou with lots of wires around me,i do like it .i and my partner got to do our project for the second time as only number 1 and 8 shika deteinai..i like>>mizuno sensei's subject so much. i love denjiki and denki kairo subject so much.sensei i got all A's in denki kairo for the past three years.thanks so much.denjiki too..thanks sensei.and i like the way he taught.>> karino sensei,graduated form todai.youre excellent lecturer.>>yasuda sensei you teased me saying that i didnt like your lesson because i like to sit at the back.hehehhe..i do like your lesson but at the same time it is easier for me to eat candy bread and some kuih and also chitchat with sorry sensei..>>yamashita sensei you checked my application letter a.k.a gansyo very well..ehehe.>>noguchi sensei,>>mika ishibashi sensei>>mori sensei>>sakurai sensei>>yaegashi sensei=our programming lecturer+so handsome>>takahashi sensei>>miyahara sensei=seigyo kogaku/control engineering,i love this subject>>ueno sensei=sugaku 1,2,3,4>>arbaain sensei=kami kuruma+robocon project>>ishimatsu sensei=our line tracer project+robocon project>>onuma sensei>>and so on..da x igt sangat name sensei.gomen ne!
7>here we come at okayama.we were invited by our senior.then we went to our house.we were so tired.we stayed overnight at kak ijat's house.thanks to day we went to buy our things for our house.we bought stuffs,futon and so on.thanks senpai for helping us out.i will write more about our new place here,okayama.

till then,
luv,sohair kausar