Wednesday, October 27, 2010

jom belajar

mari belajar:)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

time is precious

time is precious!

Ever heard bout this phrase?im very sure you've heard about this doubt..true enough..time is my point of view,time is running very fast and will not waiting for we ourselves have to to chase for the time.for example when you want to study or doing anything beneficial for yourself you should do it without procrastinating so that we can spend the time wisely..
"..Maka kami perkenankan doanya dan Kami anugerahkan kepadanya (Nabi Zakaria) Yahya dan Kami jadikan isterinya dapat mengandung.Sesungguhnya mereka adalah orang-orang yang selalu bersegera dalam (mengerjakan) perbuatan-perbuatan yang baik dan mereka berdoa kepada Kami dengan harap dan cemas.Dan mereka adalah orang-orang yang kusyuk kepada Kami."
    [Surah al-Anbiya:90]
everything changes due to the time that we've used before..if we used the time with the right way and sesuai with ajaran agama iAllah we will be satisfied on what we have done same goes to this situation,nowadays people think that they should fully change and start to pray and else when their ages become very2 old..hurmm..this is not the right way..we should changed this type of thinking..we should be a muslim all the time..not just from a title as a muslim but Islam should be practiced along in our lifestyle.
(3:102) Wahai orang-orang yang beriman!bertakwalah kepada Allah sebenar-benar takwa kepada-Nya dan janganlah kamu mati kecuali dalam keadaan muslim.

actually,tibe2 bersemangat sangat nk update this blog.hehehe..and as a reminder to myself too.
with luv............

Monday, October 18, 2010

late night

guess???why i cant sleep tonight?its because im typing this blog lol...just now i skyped twice..first session with mama and abah..hold on for a while because i was going outside to throw the garbage at the provided place..then ain,jee and i were chitchatting for almost 2 hours i guess>> always turned out to be a happy situtaion when we sitting together and talking each other..interesting right??how wonderful i am to have such friends like them..around 11.30pm ain and i went back to our home..i continued skype for the second session with abah..but just a short chatting to just say goodnight..heheh..he asked me to sleep early so that i can wake up early in the morning and do my revision or anything else....haha..sorry abah...i cant sleep right i jumped over my laptop and updated my blog..hehehe..till then i wrote..gudnyte everbody..ill write more.

with luv........