Saturday, January 29, 2011


Oh internet..people need internet to connect world..n yes its really important to us right now.what im going thtough ryte now is i cant connect to the internet..or should i state the reason here..of course not gonna doing it..n yes im the middle of exam week..i know exam is exam..but once your eyes are gettimg tired with staring your notes n text books for almost 24 hours,of course you need a remedy for your own good ryte???n yeah so do i..after i studied i will connect myslf to internet..lots to do..i really like to hear online radio,read blogs,facebooking,skyping with loved ones,n the most important things is when i didnt understand with certain subjects i will search about it in the internet..look how important internet to my life..n yeah in life when you do work togehther with other person,n when the times come for you to do the decision you need all the majority voices ryte??n yeah why did you do it all alone?n cant you asked me about it first?dont be so excited alone la.come on la!.n yeah you see i always showing you my kindness face n plis dont take advantage on my sweetness face la..i do have my patient limit too..huih.sabar2..この場合いや! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winter+research almost peak of winter da ni...sgt sejuk..kalau nk dibandingkan okayama dgn tokyo,okayama much more colder.xtahan betul esp bile ade angin..kalau sejuk bukak jek heater because that is one way to make yourself warmer and to survive during if your electric bill is higher than u expected dun be surprised:)better u do that way in order not to harm your body to survive in winter especially at night without heater...
actually im thinking about which research that i wanna do during my 4th year..there are 2 choices that im thinking forward..first to do photonics or power electonics research..both are interesting..i wanna continue my studies till master..i am really interested in power electronics research but that lecturer is not gonna support you if you wish to continue master.maybe he will support you but not so much, that what was my senior in that lab said.,in that laboratory they are doing research in power generation and wind power generation..but in Malaysia wind generation is not applied..maybe of the geographical things that we cannot afford to have the wind power to generate if you learn this thing and yet you cant applied it in Malaysia what a waste..that was what im thinking about..huhu...power generation is a common thing you generate power then it will sent the electricity to the consumers..but what is interesting about power generation is we can also generate power from the renewable sources..its getting more interesting right?as in malaysia there are lots of ways to be think about in order to generate electricity in malaysia..
second one is not so knowledgeable to talk about this topic..but after all what i know about photonics is it related to light..and can be applied in telecommunication,medical equipment which is widely used in surgery,light sources,astronomical engineering and others field...and but still optical fiber has its limitation and it needs photonics research to break it limitation..quite interesting..hehe..
let me think about those two research..ill tell you the result after i make a decision on what im gonna take during my 4th year.
till then..
luv sohair kausar