Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Still hoping

To ...:still hoping..masih ada lagikah?
Act Td baru lepas menonton korean drama.haish.xde subtitle plak tu..maen redah je n maen guess je mksud dye..act,cte tu xde subs sbb newly added means currently on air..later on ade la subs dye,tp lmbt sket la..akibat tidak sabar akhirnya saya menonton cite mary stayed out all night dengan hanya meneka maksud weird of me rite?haha.okeh la..da lewat.selamat malam semua:) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Friday, December 10, 2010

autumn says goodbye

its already the end of the autumn..i la this is my first time experienced all those four seasons..^^anyway,i really enjoyed the 4 seasons country..some maybe said that it is quite a troublesome for you to live in 4 country is because you need to prepare variety of clothes in order to fit yourself with the season,and also taking bath once a day, for me, sometimes i do complaint too..but i realized that we, human being will never appreciate and thankful on what we have,what we got,what we experienced and,from now on,marilah kita sama2 mensyukuri nikmat yang Allah beri kepada kita:)..
as autumn says goodbye,then here it comes mrs winter..hehe..ouh,how am i going to deal with this extreme weather outside..huhu..even right now, i rarely go to the kitchen to cook meal..haiyaa..but the fact is my stomach always keep calling for one point ive to go to cook for some meal jugak,because i cant no longer be able to bear with that situation..haha.there is an old saying which says that "breakfast like a king,lunch like a prince,dine like a pauper",from my point of view it means that when you are having breakfast you should take meal that contains much more calories as you are going to start your day,and in order to refuel your energy.and it will also leaves you energetic through out your day^^.and then lunch..lunch is also important as you need energy for the evening session..and here comes the dinner..why do we have to have dinner like beggars??perhaps at night we are in the relax mood and we didnt do much activities  so our body doesnt need much energy like in the morning session..ryte??but for me right now,i really cant follow this saying.hahha..i always feel hungry..haiyaa.. ive heard that seniors say that during cold season it is a common phenomenon when you are always hungry 24 hours..and plus your stomach craving for food and make an unexpected sound..MALU.huhu.ive experienced this..first > while i was in the elevator with my lecturer and also my classmate which majority are MALE student, and the second one is during robot class..haha..sometimes  even when i am about  to sleep,i still feel hungry..haishhh..but i ignored and continue my sleep..hehe^_^ conclusion.whenever you feel hungry just feed yourself..makan is for your own sake too:))
here some pics of autumn

okee till then.
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