Tuesday, March 8, 2011

korea's trip

I know it has been a long2 silence here..hehe..and who cares.this is my blog so just let me rambles away anytime i feel like to write huh..and yes i went to korea last month(15th-20th) and of course with some of my friends.so hows there?for me,there was a part that attracted me and some part make me think twice were they really acted like this,as i always imagined them in korean movies,everything about them was so beautifully acted..haha..and to readers dont get yourself wrong..of course everywhere is the same.if there is beautiful part and of course with its pair the ugly one huh.hehe.so lets get started..when i was there it was still in winter,which was quite cold for me.hehe.ain,fana,fani and myself we were departed from kansai airport.and the 5 of mine departed from narita airport.we promised to meet at the incheon airport.we arrived there first followed by the tokyo group an hour later i guess..then,we waited for anis(she was our tour guide there,studying there) friend to pick us up to go to their apartment.first time we rode their bus.hahaha..really a big surprised for us.the way their driver drove us really different compared to japan.the way they drove quite harsh.hehe..but it was okay as in malaysia also the drivers drove the same way like korea(in my opinion)=).the journey to their apartment took about half and hour kot.haha..not so precise=)after we reached their home we put our stuffs there.we were 9 delegates from japan(haha)we were given 2 apartments.5 in first apartment and the left four was in 2nd apartment..masyaAllah their apartment was so spacious.i like=)then we went down to fill our empty stomach.and bla2..hehehe...so here was our schedule while we were there.
16th Feb
 we went to Namdaemun Market..Namdaemun was a place where you can get souvenir at low price.so interesting=)then we went to Seoul Tower.this is my first experienced naek tower tu.even kat malaysia pun xpenah.haha.actually in seoul tower building itself,it has teddy bear museum.but we didnt go there.

17th Feb
The next day we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace.while we arrived there,they were doing some adat istiadat untuk para pengawal istana ambil tempat.there,we were having some photoshooting there.haha..kind of it..we could try their traditional costume there..i was very happy on that day because i can wore their traditonal costume.my dream was fulfilled there=)

18th Feb
if im not mistaken on this day we went to Namdaemun Market again as some of us said that they want to go there in order to buy souvenirs again.hehe.after that we went to Seoul Mosque=)then after performed solat there we went to Taj Palace where anis did her partime there to have our dinner.after dinner we went to Han River.
19th Feb
this is the day we cant wait for.we were going to Nami Island.hehe.we had to take ferry to reached the island.this island was very famous because the winter sonata(korean movie)which successfully filmed here.
to go to Nami Island it took us about 3 hours journey to reach there.

20th Feb
this is our last day in Korea.our flight to Kansai Airport was on 9.15 am(if im not mistaken).so we have to go to the airport in early morning.we were advised to go there by cab.and it cost us around 50000won to go there from anis apartment(in front of Dong Yang Mirae university).the cab condition quite good.i like that.hehehe.we checked in and we arrived safely at KIX.
the most cemas situation was,when we want to claim our luggage at conveyer side,my bag was missing..agak cemas disitu.and reported to korean air people.less than 15 minutes,alhamdulilah my bag was found.someone mistakenly took my bag.and yes,our bag was look alike,especially the colour.the next day was my flight to Malaysia.yohoo.welcome home=)

and before i forgot,the food there was sangat2 pedas.kepade sesiapa xtahan pedas,do prepare yourself..
and also my appreciation to ajk2 rombongan.hehehe..

the expenses there about 3 man(for me) for jalan2,makan2,and tambang there.the flight ticket there was about 3.2man to and fro.(korean air)

that was the summary from my trip in Korea.

was planning to go for another trip but not confirmed yet.


till then.