Sunday, November 22, 2009

optimism is all i hve now

Today, I woke up at 8.30 am. .ive just want to sit and doing nothing ryte thinking bout hour has already passed right before my ignorant eyes...of course bout my uni just wondering can i pursue my studies at my first choice uni??huhu..this bothering me too much..huhu.during inteview,there was unexpected question being asked..n i was lyke,what im going to going to continue my studies in fuel cell at 岡山理科大学 as my frst choice i know lots bout does it works,its structue and all sorts that related to it..i expected that they will asked me bout fuell cell...they showed me video bout solar battery..ソハイルさん、太陽電池の材料を知っていますか?n i answered,すみません、知りません。tdu was my second choice..i entered tdu's room at 10.00 am..when i was bout to knocked the door,the whole floor was black out..for tokyo denki university,it was like a killer questions..explain bout what have u studied in 電力、電気機器,i cant remeberd well bout i just answered what i after i finished my interview for both choice,i called my mom..really want to cry...i told my mom everyhting..that was the longest tyme i talked to my mom..she calmed me.what a great mom i have..ure so wonderful..thnks for supporting guess this bout the sad things yesterday and today..I think I got to put this all behind me.. No point telling it.. optimism is all i hve now..dear myself,cheer up ur day,n always pray to Allah.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

nk lollipop

 i luv lollipop hanbags very bleh tgk je la..handbag dye cantik2 n sgt cun despite of mnde2 ni,price dye sgt to kumpul2 duit dulu..mai pun ckp cm tu gak,kne kumpul duit la..SIMPAN gmbr2 lollipop hndbags.









here is the link..