Saturday, November 5, 2011

gelagat kanak2 us sempena halloween

dad ure ugly!
you sneaky mom!

sgt klaka la budak2 ni..

Friday, October 28, 2011

saya suka hari khamis:)

oh oh oh berhabuk nye blog ni haaa...jom la mengarang jap dalam mase yg singkat ni.
Hari ke lab adalah hari selasa,rabu.khamis sahaja.tapi hari2 lain kadang2 ade jugak..bnyk2 hari saya suka hari khamis.:)sebab khamis jam 11 pagi di bangunan 27,saya akan assist sensei untuk experiment tahun 1.itu sangat menarik dan saya sangat suka.biase lah budak tahun 1 kan sume comel2.jadi bile rase geram dgn dyorg xdpt nk marah.bile dyorng tnye pun,muke senyum2 je.waaahh budak2 ni...ade satu minggu tu,saya rase penat sangat.lepastu esok nye (khamis) kne pegi assist sensei time experiment.sebelum berexperiment bersama mereka,saya perlu membuat persiapan untuk experiment yang bakal dijalankan keesokan harinya.hari khamis tiba.Biaselah,ape yg saya perasan dgn satu group yg saya conduct ni,dyorng macam malas nk baca nota2 sensei bagi sebelum buat experiment programming.kalau x baca mane paham kan??mane bleh buat kna?sigh~~dyorng just mengharapkan kite cakap what to do next..lepastu bile dyorg buat,programming fail and x dapat nk connect dengan DSP(digital signal processing).jadi jadi jadi,saya pun buat la semula dekat computer dyorg dari awal sampai habis.alamak,sy pun fail..huhu.sebab geram sangat,jadi saya termengeluh depan budak2 tahun 1.xpasal2 dyorng cakap "sumimasendeshita" bnyk2 pasal dyorg la..pasal saya buat pun fail sure la geram..tapi alhamdulilah sensei cakap sambung next lepas dyorng balik,saya stay kt lab tu and buat semula programming tu:)alhamdulilah da tau ape masalah dyorng sbenanye:)next week nye plak,dyorng da dapat final project programming n kne siapkan dlm masa 2 minggu.saya pun dapat project tu and kene siapkan dalam masa 2 minggu.:):)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Love Story

I love this song very much.but dont really like Taylor Swift's voice because her voice seems "sangat bingit" to me..okee,nyte all:)

Friday, July 15, 2011

we rely on Allah 100%

salam semua:)
now,as a final year student like me,we are in the state either want to continue our study into higher level or after graduated we just work at any companies that we do I.just feel a lil bit confusing,because bottom of my heart i really want to continue my studies,but thinking of  financial source i should think more about my future.scholarship isnt the problem at all,but we ourselves should find will not come and knock to your door and said "hye,i bla bla would like to spnosor you in master studies bla bla" and if you are waiting for this kind of invitation its just happen in your dream and should punch yourself!lol~ok come on get up,should put much more efforts to search for a scholarship.fighting!
****last Sunday,i went for interview in one of a JapaneseCompany.first we had some seminar thn we have been interviewed by their 2 from Malaysia and the other one from,Alhamdulilah they were very good and friendly i thought,because when i entered that room,they smiled,i felt like my nervous that conquered myself all the way since early in the morning has gone away.they asked me both in English and Japanese.anyway it was a good experienced for me:)and the funniest part was when the Malaysian asked me"so,you applied for R&D,so which areas that you would like to choose"?she said that R&D i that company,it divided into 5 groups,1)avc,2)devices,3)cant remember,4)also cant remember5)homeappliances..hooyeah when she said the final one,I smiled..She guessed that I was interested with the final one.hahaha.I laughed and covered my mouth with my hand.See,whoaa,never have been acted like this when I was being interviewed..still waiting for the result whether I was accepted into next interviewed.still waiting.iA we rely on Allah to Him we asked,and He gave us what is the best for us. we have never seen the goods that He gave us instead we just complaint all the way if it doesnt satisfied us.dont be like that(noted for myself too).
****thats all for today.Ive got report to be done,but till today even a single word hasnt been started yet..hahahah..tata:)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

i want to hold your hand:(

 i like this song very much:):)

there are some parts of this lyric that i would love to share with u:)

You'll let me hold your hand 
Now let me hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 

And when I touch you i feel happy, inside 
It's such a feeling 
That my love 
I can't hide 
I can't hide 
I can't hide 

Yeah you, got that something 
I think you'll understand 
When I say that something 
I wanna hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 
I wanna hold your hand 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

social media networking

with the rise of tech savvy generation privacy and shameful things always appear in any displayed online medias.there is people that will log in into facebook and saying good morning or what so ever and sometimes i think like "who cares"?even i sometimes did that repeatedly in facebook so as for me i cant kept on thinking like that to others.and another best solution you can deleted him from friend list if you feel like im so messed with his/her status.UP TO YOU.but sometimes i thought that through any online medias it will becomes more about "myself" isnt it?it is because everything you did on social networking is about you yourself and thus it will increasingly make a whole story about you..kowai ne..and what im going to higlight in this post is should a facebook be a place to
1)start and argument--everyone has a right to say what he/she is in his mind.but if you do,do it in a right manner.
2)declare your love-no comments.but a simple message is enough to express your feeling towards him/her as it will make others feel discomfort about the content of the message.
 but different people with different opinions right?so you yourself should make the decision. more thing.when you are going out with your friend and yet you are busy updating your status either in facebook or twitter.its a common sense when you are going out with them you should pay attention to them rather than updating your status.have some manner man!(even i did that,should change my attitude iA).we know that social media is where we can connect our friend virtually but when you spent your time with your friend that is the chance to spend in reality with them right?so appreciate it!
there are no rules in social media networking.people in the world are still learning how to use them in a reasonable way.
till then.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


place>>>bicycle shed of okayama rika daigaku
today,early in the morning,the construction people came to our house to renovate some parts in my house which is at the back room near the bathroom..we have been told that they will come starting 9 am.surprisingly,they came earlier than we expected.So, Ive got to take a shower at my friend's house.after that,i went to uni,and talking to myself"asal lab ni sunyi je",and sensei came to me and said that other people are not coming to the,i did my jikken alone..about 12.00pm i finished it and still got work to do.I have to setup the new thing that just reached at our lab.dont know its name..never once used it before.after i finished it,and walked to the bicycle shed and YOU KNOW WHAT IVE SEEN??it was shown in the picture above."ape lah nijonjin ni,kalau nk cepat sgt pun,letak je la kt luar dri bicycle shed tu,ni dah menyusahkan org"sigh~~
will update later,till then:)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my first experienced Nomikai

shooshhh..lots of dust huh?hahaha..helllo again...what is nomikai?this is japanese means having a party between your colleagues..etc..and everyone who has pursued their study in Japan will experienced nomikai.first of all,it become a problem for me as during nomikai they want to drink sake,wine drink that will make you drunk,yelah all people around you are drinking and of course this will make uncomfortable situation for me.on Wednesday 18th i went for a nomikai to celebrate 4 of u including me as a new student in power electronics laboratory.before we went for a nomikai,we had to choose a restaurant,sensei said that there was an indian shop where i can eat chicken curry there,and i refused as i don't like indian we proceed to japanese food.and yeah we chose restaurant that provide nama sakana=ikan mentah2..we agreed..i didnt know where was the location of that restaurant,so my master senior told me to wait for him in front of the fountain which is situated at the Okayama station.he asked me to wait for him on 5.40pm..hahaha..and yet i was a lil bit late,i arrived around 5.43.nad yes its true that people around the world treat time differently.and for Malay people if we late about 2-3 minutes we didn't care at all.but here in japan they are very punctual..and i was lucky that my senpai didn't angry at me..i walked together with him instead of following his back.and he said to me that we have to walked quickly,but didnt heard what he said i walked slowly,so we have to wait for the traffic my first sight i didn't like about this senpai at all,and seldom talk to him..and this was my first time we talked much:)we arrived at that restaurant.we waited for all.our party started at 6 i said above they ordered nama beer,buttt my sensei ordered oulong tea(he cant drink because he said he had work to do)..and we did kanpai=cheer together.i was afraid to do that because bubbles rise in their beers..whoaaaa..Alhamdulilah nothing happened,just afraid their bubble will split in my drink while we were doing cheers together.we ordered yasai=vegetable,nama sakana=raw fish..i took yasai and slice of raw fish.i ate a lil bit of that fish,and it was good:)can you imagined i have to pay about 3500yen and i only  ate yasai and a slice of raw interesting huh!we had some chitchatting there.and sensei told us that he need to leave around 7.and he asked to me to leave earlier if they started to get drunk.they drink a that time sensei has leaved earlier..their faces turned into red,and start laugh loudly.they did mengumpat sensei2..that was the best part.hahahah..kelakar pun ade jugak:)was what else am i doing here,i should take a leave to.and yes i have to!and i told my senpai that i have to excuse myself ..alhamdulilah selamat,and i managed to go home earlier:)

till then,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

korea's trip

I know it has been a long2 silence here..hehe..and who cares.this is my blog so just let me rambles away anytime i feel like to write huh..and yes i went to korea last month(15th-20th) and of course with some of my hows there?for me,there was a part that attracted me and some part make me think twice were they really acted like this,as i always imagined them in korean movies,everything about them was so beautifully acted..haha..and to readers dont get yourself wrong..of course everywhere is the same.if there is beautiful part and of course with its pair the ugly one lets get started..when i was there it was still in winter,which was quite cold for me.hehe.ain,fana,fani and myself we were departed from kansai airport.and the 5 of mine departed from narita airport.we promised to meet at the incheon airport.we arrived there first followed by the tokyo group an hour later i guess..then,we waited for anis(she was our tour guide there,studying there) friend to pick us up to go to their apartment.first time we rode their bus.hahaha..really a big surprised for us.the way their driver drove us really different compared to japan.the way they drove quite harsh.hehe..but it was okay as in malaysia also the drivers drove the same way like korea(in my opinion)=).the journey to their apartment took about half and hour kot.haha..not so precise=)after we reached their home we put our stuffs there.we were 9 delegates from japan(haha)we were given 2 apartments.5 in first apartment and the left four was in 2nd apartment..masyaAllah their apartment was so spacious.i like=)then we went down to fill our empty stomach.and here was our schedule while we were there.
16th Feb
 we went to Namdaemun Market..Namdaemun was a place where you can get souvenir at low interesting=)then we went to Seoul Tower.this is my first experienced naek tower tu.even kat malaysia pun xpenah.haha.actually in seoul tower building itself,it has teddy bear museum.but we didnt go there.

17th Feb
The next day we went to Gyeongbokgung Palace.while we arrived there,they were doing some adat istiadat untuk para pengawal istana ambil tempat.there,we were having some photoshooting there.haha..kind of it..we could try their traditional costume there..i was very happy on that day because i can wore their traditonal dream was fulfilled there=)

18th Feb
if im not mistaken on this day we went to Namdaemun Market again as some of us said that they want to go there in order to buy souvenirs again.hehe.after that we went to Seoul Mosque=)then after performed solat there we went to Taj Palace where anis did her partime there to have our dinner.after dinner we went to Han River.
19th Feb
this is the day we cant wait for.we were going to Nami Island.hehe.we had to take ferry to reached the island.this island was very famous because the winter sonata(korean movie)which successfully filmed here.
to go to Nami Island it took us about 3 hours journey to reach there.

20th Feb
this is our last day in Korea.our flight to Kansai Airport was on 9.15 am(if im not mistaken).so we have to go to the airport in early morning.we were advised to go there by cab.and it cost us around 50000won to go there from anis apartment(in front of Dong Yang Mirae university).the cab condition quite good.i like that.hehehe.we checked in and we arrived safely at KIX.
the most cemas situation was,when we want to claim our luggage at conveyer side,my bag was missing..agak cemas disitu.and reported to korean air people.less than 15 minutes,alhamdulilah my bag was found.someone mistakenly took my bag.and yes,our bag was look alike,especially the colour.the next day was my flight to Malaysia.yohoo.welcome home=)

and before i forgot,the food there was sangat2 pedas.kepade sesiapa xtahan pedas,do prepare yourself..
and also my appreciation to ajk2 rombongan.hehehe..

the expenses there about 3 man(for me) for jalan2,makan2,and tambang there.the flight ticket there was about 3.2man to and fro.(korean air)

that was the summary from my trip in Korea.

was planning to go for another trip but not confirmed yet.


till then.

Monday, February 28, 2011


saya telah ditag oleh nabila pada 7 february 2011..da lame tu,skrg baru nk jawab..huhu..gomen ne,atas kekangan masa.hehehe..tag mentag ni amat la menarik..oleh itu sesape ade tag2 please do so to my blog:)ok lets move on..
1. pernahkah anda rasa 'hot'?
xpernah rase hot pun..hehehe..
2. upload wallpaper yang anda gunakan sekarang.

3. ceritakan pasal wallpaper tersebut.
sangat suka akan pemandangan ciptaan Allah..gambar ni diambil ketika bercuti bersama keluarga.
4. bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza.
masa di jepun,mkn beramai2dgn senpai di fracasso.
5. lagu paling terbaru anda dengar.
lagu dari drama secret garden:)da download pn =)
6. apa yang anda buat selain menyelesaikan tag ini?
download narnia=)
7. selain nama sendiri,anda dipanggil nama apa?
family panggil ayong,kak yong,kawan2 sohair,soha
8. tag lagi 5 orang
rase nye sume  rakan2 da ditag:)hehe tapi letak jek la eh..
9. siapa orang no. 1 kepada anda?
10. katakan sesuatu pada orang no. 5?
hai adek
11. no. 3 ada hubungan dengan siapa?
haha..ngn org ats umah sy yg dulu=)
12. bagaimana pula dengan no. 2?
xtahu la pasal jee..hehe
13. kata-kata cinta dengan orang no.4?
kak na i luv u=)
14. 5 perkara yang anda tahu tentang orang yang anda tag
1.bila xsuke roti=)
3.suke makan ayam=)
4.baik je kak ni.
5.kakak baik adik pun baik la=)hehe

menarik jugak tag2 ni..hehehe..okeh thats all for now=)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

one more

1more paper to go 送配電工学..anyway im already connected to internet:)tq:)alhamdulilah..

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Oh internet..people need internet to connect world..n yes its really important to us right now.what im going thtough ryte now is i cant connect to the internet..or should i state the reason here..of course not gonna doing it..n yes im the middle of exam week..i know exam is exam..but once your eyes are gettimg tired with staring your notes n text books for almost 24 hours,of course you need a remedy for your own good ryte???n yeah so do i..after i studied i will connect myslf to internet..lots to do..i really like to hear online radio,read blogs,facebooking,skyping with loved ones,n the most important things is when i didnt understand with certain subjects i will search about it in the internet..look how important internet to my life..n yeah in life when you do work togehther with other person,n when the times come for you to do the decision you need all the majority voices ryte??n yeah why did you do it all alone?n cant you asked me about it first?dont be so excited alone la.come on la!.n yeah you see i always showing you my kindness face n plis dont take advantage on my sweetness face la..i do have my patient limit too..huih.sabar2..この場合いや! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

winter+research almost peak of winter da ni...sgt sejuk..kalau nk dibandingkan okayama dgn tokyo,okayama much more colder.xtahan betul esp bile ade angin..kalau sejuk bukak jek heater because that is one way to make yourself warmer and to survive during if your electric bill is higher than u expected dun be surprised:)better u do that way in order not to harm your body to survive in winter especially at night without heater...
actually im thinking about which research that i wanna do during my 4th year..there are 2 choices that im thinking forward..first to do photonics or power electonics research..both are interesting..i wanna continue my studies till master..i am really interested in power electronics research but that lecturer is not gonna support you if you wish to continue master.maybe he will support you but not so much, that what was my senior in that lab said.,in that laboratory they are doing research in power generation and wind power generation..but in Malaysia wind generation is not applied..maybe of the geographical things that we cannot afford to have the wind power to generate if you learn this thing and yet you cant applied it in Malaysia what a waste..that was what im thinking about..huhu...power generation is a common thing you generate power then it will sent the electricity to the consumers..but what is interesting about power generation is we can also generate power from the renewable sources..its getting more interesting right?as in malaysia there are lots of ways to be think about in order to generate electricity in malaysia..
second one is not so knowledgeable to talk about this topic..but after all what i know about photonics is it related to light..and can be applied in telecommunication,medical equipment which is widely used in surgery,light sources,astronomical engineering and others field...and but still optical fiber has its limitation and it needs photonics research to break it limitation..quite interesting..hehe..
let me think about those two research..ill tell you the result after i make a decision on what im gonna take during my 4th year.
till then..
luv sohair kausar