Friday, July 15, 2011

we rely on Allah 100%

salam semua:)
now,as a final year student like me,we are in the state either want to continue our study into higher level or after graduated we just work at any companies that we do I.just feel a lil bit confusing,because bottom of my heart i really want to continue my studies,but thinking of  financial source i should think more about my future.scholarship isnt the problem at all,but we ourselves should find will not come and knock to your door and said "hye,i bla bla would like to spnosor you in master studies bla bla" and if you are waiting for this kind of invitation its just happen in your dream and should punch yourself!lol~ok come on get up,should put much more efforts to search for a scholarship.fighting!
****last Sunday,i went for interview in one of a JapaneseCompany.first we had some seminar thn we have been interviewed by their 2 from Malaysia and the other one from,Alhamdulilah they were very good and friendly i thought,because when i entered that room,they smiled,i felt like my nervous that conquered myself all the way since early in the morning has gone away.they asked me both in English and Japanese.anyway it was a good experienced for me:)and the funniest part was when the Malaysian asked me"so,you applied for R&D,so which areas that you would like to choose"?she said that R&D i that company,it divided into 5 groups,1)avc,2)devices,3)cant remember,4)also cant remember5)homeappliances..hooyeah when she said the final one,I smiled..She guessed that I was interested with the final one.hahaha.I laughed and covered my mouth with my hand.See,whoaa,never have been acted like this when I was being interviewed..still waiting for the result whether I was accepted into next interviewed.still waiting.iA we rely on Allah to Him we asked,and He gave us what is the best for us. we have never seen the goods that He gave us instead we just complaint all the way if it doesnt satisfied us.dont be like that(noted for myself too).
****thats all for today.Ive got report to be done,but till today even a single word hasnt been started yet..hahahah..tata:)

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himawari said...

soudane..agree with you..
rezki mmg dr Allah, tp klu x usaha, scholar x dtg ketuk pintu deshou?
yakin dgnNya dan pd ms yg same kene cr..xleh duduk diam2, tggu org dtg cr, unless kite ni tensai gile..ak ckp kat ak la ni..haha...