Monday, January 23, 2012

Alhamdulilah on your blessings=)

its been a long time..since my last post..
as usual sometimes when i want to update my post,there will be something out of nowhere appeared then stopping me from updating this the way,it is just another excuses not to update this post.
what to write here..since there were lots of story to write here,will just update some of it.hehe..
Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah Alhamdulilah praised to Allah.
The blessings that He gave me,it is uncountable.
Thank you Allah for the blessings that You bestowed upon me..
Allah guide and show me to the right path,the path of those to whom You have granted blessings,those who are neither subject to Your anger nor have gone astray.(1:6-7)

within 3 months,we will be fighting over a degree scroll,which included our final year project,presentation and thesis..but whatever you are going through right now,wishing you all the best..aha,including me.
ive just finished my experiments,collecting and summarize the data that will be used in my presentation and writing the thesis.though,I admit they weren't easy ,but in many ways they reminded me being busy and walking through all the hardships, I've always said this to my sis,this is what we called a students life=)

enough on that,because I didn't start working on my thesis yet.waiting for my lecturer to give guidance note tomorrow.

on Saturday,my schools friends came all the way from Malaysia..I was so glad they i can met and have enjoyed chitchatting with them=)weve met at Hiroshima.
haha.they brought me KFC chicken for me plus plus plus gardenia butterscotch..
and I rode sakura bullet train on my back to Okayama..
And being worried at first either I was still able to catch the last bus to my home from Okayama Station,Alhamdulilah..I managed to catch the last bus which lasted on 10 pm..whoaaa!!I told you,I was so relieved,if not,I have to walk all the way back home for about 30-45 minutes I guess.
back home with best memories ever remained in my heart..KNIGHTS 0206.
End story here=)

Actually today I've just staying at home, that's why I got time to write my thoughts here:):)
yesterday,i did room cleaning.
just my thought,if I got my own house,I would like to decorate it with a stunning and beautiful designs of lighting.because lighting also plays a role to capture the theme that we want to show.*mode berangan*
I am planning on baking bread pudding today.But,but,but, we will see..hehehehe..

see you next time!!

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